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So…I knew it had been awhile since I’d submitted a blog but didn’t realize how long! Yikes!!  So much has happened but I thought I’d take you back to the end of July when we went to Prince Edward Island together along with another friend who started making soap with us. We decided to bring our bikes and bike the Confederation Trail. It extends from one end of the island to the other with branches in between.  (Just so you know, we knew it would be impossible for us to bike the whole trail in a week so we did pieces of it.)  As most of you can attest, our summer has been very hot and PEI was no exception.  We always love to hike, walk and bike so we had no problem setting up a 28-30 mile bike on the first day.  BIG mistake!!  It was in the 90’s and going one way was just fine.  On the way back however, as the shade seemed to disappear along with any cloud cover, we were on the verge of sunstroke. (At least 3 of us….one of us never seems to be bothered by any physical challenges and no it is not me.) We had to stop for awhile, dump water  over heads and get our bodies at least in shape enough to get back to the beginning of our trail. The rest of our biking was more reasonable.  We put about 80 miles on our bikes that week, found neat little beaches, went to a ceildh, hiked and walked and just all around had a fabulous time!