Shower Bursts “Indulge”


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At popular demand, we have been making and selling shower bursts at our craft fairs. We call them “Healing”, “De-Stress”, “Clarity” and “Refresh” as they contain the fabulous scents of a variety of essential oils and are such a fun way to start or end the day.┬áThis package contains one of each of our four bursts and they are arranged in a beautiful sachet bag with a label. For best lasting results place one on a shelf or dish in your shower and wet lightly to activate your aromatherapy experience. If you want an extra special dose of these fragrances simply place one under the water stream for one shower only.┬áThe wooden soap dish pictured is not included.

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essential oil variety


baking soda, arrowroot powder, citric acid, cream of tartar, witch hazel, essential oils