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Forever Clean Soap was started by three women in 2016. In the beginning there were four of us who met at the local gym over ten years ago. Cindy and I (Terry) are sisters. Susan and Roxanne make up our foursome. We found that we had a lot in common and we started to hang out. We all love to hike, walk, bike and travel. We would talk about retirement and what we wanted to do after we left our very challenging, busy jobs. We started to travel together and it gave us more time to think about our future. When we hiked the west side of Ireland, walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and somehow made it back out after two nights at the bottom), and went with our husbands to Alaska, we had lots of time to talk and think about our future.  Every time we would travel, we’d look for unique soap to bring back to our other friends.

My next post will be about the start up of Forever Clean Soap.