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So now I will really tell you how we got started.  As I mentioned before,every time we traveled, we would search to find soap to give our friends back home.  One day Susan said, “We should try to make soap.” We’re pretty agreeable to most of our ideas (probably should be more hesitant on some of the hair-brain ideas!) so we said sure! So Susan, Cindy, Roxanne and I got together after Susan did research on soap recipes & how to make soap. The soap making process went fine except for mixing the soap. Apparently, immersion mixers burn out if you use them too long! So…after burning out a couple, trying our husbands’ cement mixers & drills, and several trips to the store to buy new mixers, we figured out that we could rotate 3 immersion blenders and each blender has a chance to rest between batches of soap. (After burning out our last mixer, Susan & Roxanne made a speedy trip to Kohl’s to buy another one while Cindy and I stirred the soap for over an hour!!)

Movie of then….



                                                                                   And now!

We’d get together for soap-making and then give our soap away to family and friends.  We then thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could sell soap?” At this point, Roxanne said she’d still like to make soap with us but didn’t want anything to do with selling it. There are times when we admire her for this decision!!  However, Roxanne still continues to walk, hike, bike, and travel with us and really enjoys the stories about our perils in the soap making world. And we still all have lots in common…. for example, we all love ice cream!

Slowly, we developed a name, label, and places to sell our soap. When we look back, we realize how far we’ve come.  We’ve changed our label a couple times, expanded to more markets, added body butters, salt scrubs, bath bombs and shower bursts and learned much more about soap, customers, technology and ourselves.

As long as this continues to be something we enjoy, we’ll keep making soap! Now if only we could make enough money to finance a really big trip!