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Soaps come in many shapes and sizes. We use soap every day. Do you know what’s in your soap? You do if you use Forever Clean Soap!

Not all soaps are the same.  There are commercially made soaps and handmade natural soaps. Handmade soaps may cost more, but that’s because they provide a lot more benefits when it comes to your health and well-being.  

The soap you pick out from dozens at the supermarket are commercially made and not natural. They are labeled as “soaps”,  but If you look closer at the label, you’ll see it has various artificial cleaning agents and additives. Besides, not being able to recognize most of the ingredients listed on their labels, you may begin to itch and your skin may feel dry soon after you step out of the shower!

Natural handmade soaps are well, natural. They are made using a variety of natural sources combining plant-based oils and butters that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.Your skin, hair and body need and love these types of ingredients.  

The personal time and care that goes into making handmade natural soap is different from commercial soap. It’s the quality that matters when making natural soap. Small batches are made locally and with great care. People who have a passion for making natural products consider it as a labor of love and not something they make just to profit. It can take years to perfect! And Forever Clean Soap isn’t there yet!

Handmade natural soap is created  following a saponification process which occurs when oils and fats are mixed with sodium hydroxide (known as lye) and water.The result is a safe and gentle product that’s perfect for the skin.